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Original 3pin Heavy-Duty Electricity Saving Box Energy Saver UK 15KW (Real) 25KW 36KW


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Model: Electricity_Saving_Box

Original 3pin Heavy-Duty Electricity Saving Box Energy Saver UK 15KW (real) 25KW 36KW

We got supplier inform, Most of this Electrical Saver Box written 25KW 30KW or Even 36KW.. All the internal is the same. Just the label different.
End up you will pay more but get the same things..
We did contacted few supplier, all of them telling the same story.

Product Detail:

Start saving your hard earned dollars now. Simply plug in your Power Saver and forget about it while it works to reduce all your future power bills by up to 30%-45%. Plug your Power Saver into any power point in your home/office. When plugged in, it becomes part of the wiring for your power points and automatically stabilizes all incoming power voltage. Your appliances then receive only the amount of power they need to operate, preventing any wastage. Not only will you save money on electricity bills, you will alsoprolong the lifespan of your appliances.
Appliances regularly break down or blow elements. This is due to excess power and power surges traveling into their system that they can't handle. Your Power Saverprotects your appliance by preventing excess power and/or power surges.
**For use within Domestic, Commercial and Industrial environments.

Original 3pin Heavy-Duty Electricity Saving Box Energy Saver UK 15KW 25KW 36KW

Energy Saver uses Germany technology, the latest in the market,with the most modern system for electricity management. It has many functions :

    To stabilize use of electricity.
    To prevent damage resulting from lightning strike.
    To reduce the electrical resistance to avoid overheating.
    International CE Approval
    Guarantee electricity saving.

Product Description:

With the combination of latest advanced electric power saving technology of Germany and Taiwan, Electricity Saving box can stabilize the working voltage,balance the current source, so that to save the power consumption and prolong the lifespan of electrical appliances for the end users effectively,It can be used for almost all common appliances such as air condition-ing,washing machine,icebox, electronic fan,Tv Sets, pump, audio-video,and fluorescent lamp,etc,it's applicable for house,office, firms,shops and mini-sized factories.

Product Features:

1.Applying manostat to stabilize the voltage,save the power consumption and prolong the life-span of the appliances.
2.Adding installation of the absorber to keep current surge away and protect the appliances.
3.Electronic controlled capacitances ballance current, improve the using power of the appliances roundly and avoid invalid power consumption.
4.Can be used all day every day continuously under any climate.

Original 3pin Heavy-Duty Electricity Saving Box Energy Saver UK 15KW 25KW 36KW


    Rated voltage: 90V – 250V
    Rated frequency: 50Hz – 60Hz
    Dimensions: 7 x 12 x 3.5cm / 2.8 x 4.9 x 1.5” (W x H x D)
    Color: Silver grey and black
    Model: 15kW
    Reduce electricity bills by up to 30% - 60%
    New -type Intelligent, Digital And Powerful Electricity Saving Device
    save energy sources efficiently
    Environmentally friendly – do something beneficial for the environment as well as your finances!
    stabilize the voltage
    balance the current source
    protect devices
    Smart, sleek design with LED lights to indicate operation
    prolong the life of electrical devices
    easy to use-no maintenance
    Saving electricity means saving money, saving money means earning money

How does it Work:

The electricity saving device saves and reduces energy by stabilizing the voltage which in turn results in reductions in peak power demand and less waste of low efficient power. The low efficient power is consequently stored and recycled by the unit.

In the box:

    100% Brand New!
    1x Instruction Book
    1x Electricity Saving Box 15,000W Real Rating

User Guide:
1. Plug the electricity-saved box into any socket at home.
2. Indicate light is on after plugging into the socket.
3. Use one or more products according to the quantity of appliances.
4. Simple operation, no need maintenance, no need pay attention.
5. Suitable for: houses, condominiums, apartments, shop lots, restaurants, offices, small factories, etc..

Is it Legal?
It is a common appliance you can plug into any outlet of your home. It is absolutely legal and approved & certified. Since 1998 the United Nations Foundation itself has committed nearly 50 million towards promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Product Code: ORIIMWBY94

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